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Guidelines for submitting Ideagen Audit Analytics ideas

  • 11 September 2023
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Guidelines for submitting Ideagen Audit Analytics ideas
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Welcome to the Ideagen Audit Analytics Community Ideas portal. We value your input and ideas to continuously enhance our products. This Ideas portal in Ideagen Community is your platform to share and shape the future of our software.

Who is this article for?

 Ideagen Customers who would like to submit product ideas
 A valid Ideagen contract is required

Before you get started

In order to ensure that the ideas you share are in alignment with the goals and vision of Ideagen Audit Analytics, we kindly request that you carefully adhere to the following set of guidelines and recommendations when posting your thoughts and suggestions:

  • Search existing ideas
    Before submitting a new request, use the search function to check if a similar idea already exists. If you find one, you can upvote and comment on it to show your support and add additional insights.
  • Relevance to Ideagen Audit Analytics
    If your idea is unique or if you'd like to provide more details, click on Submit an Idea. Ideas should focus on improvements and innovations rather than troubleshooting individual issues.
  • Specify the problem
    Clearly outline the problem or opportunity you've identified and how your proposed feature would address it. Providing context and use cases is crucial.
  • Solution-orientated
    Share well-considered Ideas that come with potential solutions or enhancements.
  • Clarity and brevity
    Keep your posts concise and easy to comprehend.
  • Add attachments
    If you have any visual aids, diagrams, or supporting documents, attach them to your idea. This can provide a clearer understanding of your proposal.
  • Foster growth and collaboration
    Engage with fellow community members by providing constructive feedback on their Ideas. You can also encourage others to review and engage with your Idea's by sharing them in relevant discussions. The more support and feedback you gather, the better your Idea's chances are of being noticed.
  • Upvote responsibly
    Don't forget to browse and vote on other ideas that resonate with you. Your votes contribute to the overall popularity and priority of an idea.
    • Use the Vote button to show support for Ideas you believe have merit and align with Ideagen Audit Analytics' goals.
    • You may remove your votes on Ideas, allowing for flexibility and to reflect changing opinions or insights over time.
  • Respect and inclusivity
    Maintain a respectful and inclusive tone in all discussions.

What happens with my idea?

Keep in mind that this Ideas portal primarily serves as a feedback mechanism rather than a request channel. While we highly appreciate and value your suggestions, it's essential to understand that not all submitted ideas will automatically find their way into our product roadmap. The decision-making process takes into account multiple factors, including feasibility, alignment with our product strategy, and the broader requirements of our user community.

Your contributions play a vital role in shaping Ideagen Audit Analytics' offerings. We appreciate your dedication to our community and your commitment to helping us improve our products.

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