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Email Actions

  • 3 July 2024
  • 1 reply

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I have a question regarding the email actions that go out to employees to let them know a training and or test has been assigned to them. In the subject line I copied another that had previously been set up and it reads like, Training ##TITLE## was assigned to you. Then in the body of the message it also has the verbiage of, ##ALL_TRAINEES####INSTANCE_ID##


Do we have to keep those in there with the ## signs for it to work correctly? I was thinking it was probably apart of a workflow that was needed

1 reply


If you remove the ## notation, it will become static text. The '##' notation is used to represent Environment Variable in Email Action Settings. These variables serve as placeholders for relevant values pulling from the system.


For example, if you want the training email to start with an instance ID, you can define a variable ##Instance_ID## in the title of your email template. Anyone assigned to the training will receive an email with "3075" in the title, as it represents the instance ID

I hope this is helpful to you.