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Document Review Confirmation

  • 23 April 2024
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I have two questions. 

  1. If we want to send a document out to just a few lead people to review and confirm the review of a document, do we need to have them in their own group in order for them to be the only one who receives the document to review in their current group or are we able to select people from different groups to send a document to?
  2. In order to send a Document (Policy) out for the few people to review and acknowledge receipt and review of the document, what settings do we use to do that? They are not to edit or approve the document we just want to be able to send new policies that have been published out to individuals to review and then be able to acknowledge they read it. I am wondering if the Test or Training field is the only way to be able to do this?

Best answer by LSmith 29 April 2024, 20:41

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Hi there,

From what I understand, you can add individuals to the Document Lists tab of the document properties and add them individually as a reviewer. You can add as many users or groups as you’d like to the review process.

However, if you’re strictly speaking of ensuring people have read a newly published/approved document, there is no built-for-purpose way for them to document their acknowledgement. A training/test is one way to accomplish it, like you suggested.