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Why the Inland Group are a leading example in aviation safety

  • 17 October 2023
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Why the Inland Group are a leading example in aviation safety
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The Inland Group is a global aviation services company that offers a variety of different services within the aviation industry, from de-icing, to ground, cargo, and mail handling. Their services are essential as they take care of the behind the scenes of flying aircraft. Since implementing Ideagen’s safety management system in 2019, the Inland Group has noticed significant improvements in the efficiency and timeframes of their operational processes.

The Inland Group has been experiencing exponential growth over the past few years. As a result, they needed to implement a scalable system to manage many of their complex processes, from health and safety to recruitment, across their various offices in different countries.

The Inland Group’s challenges in safety and risk management

The way the Inland Group was originally operating to manage safety was not efficient enough to keep up with its constant growth, certainly not while maintaining the quality of their services. Some of the most significant challenges the business was facing include:

  • Maintaining real-time visibility of safety-related incidents and their status
  • The manually completion process of reports being extremely time consuming, which meant employees weren’t always able to respond to safety concerns in the right time
  • Delays and miscommunications, which led to issues being left unresolved for extended periods of time
  • Not enough team members being engaged in safety protocols and reporting concerns

How the Inland Group revolutionised their safety management processes

“Safety is a part of Inland’s DNA,” says David Deveau, VP of Environment, Health and Safety at the Inland Group. This is why it was so important for the Inland Group to find a way to make safety a priority and ensure all measures were taken to maintain the quality of their services. By implementing our Ideagen solution, the Inland Group has now achieved impressive results and resolutions to their former challenges:

  • Comprehensive insights and streamlined reporting allow for employees to stay on top of any safety concern or incident, and tracking trends and intervening early where necessary
  • Significant time and effort saved by digitalizing their processes has now been reinvested in proactive safety measures and training
  • One centralized system allows for communication between multiple stakeholders in real-time, avoiding delays and missed information even in case of an emergency. For example, in the event of a glycol spill, which requires regulatory reporting by environmental permits, the Inland Group’s employees can use the system to track how it happened, the volumes involved, the recovery, and any required mitigations. This not only helps to quickly resolve the issue, but also helps inputting measures to prevent it from reoccurring
  • the enhanced safety culture has increased employee awareness and involvement in safety-related initiatives


We chose to work with Ideagen for a number of reasons, including previous very positive customer experience with the organization; we also chose it because of the competitive cost structure and flexibility of the software itself.

— David Deveau, VP of Environment, Health & Safety (Inland Group)

Your Journey towards Aviation Safety

Aviation safety is of paramount importance as it directly impacts the lives and wellbeing of passengers, crew members, and the public at large. Ensuring the highest standards of safety in aviation is not only a moral obligation, but especially a legal and economic pillar for aviation companies. Investing in advanced technology can transform your safety management processes and help you focus on delivering a secure and reliable travel experience.

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