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How to save time creating multiple audits for multiple locations

  • 26 February 2024
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You've got multiple audits lined up across various locations, each with its unique requirements.

Currently, we have a robust system in place that allows us to select multiple locations, set up recurring patterns, and customize program details. However, I'm eager to hear your thoughts on whether this approach meets your needs:

In the current system, we can select multiple locations for a particular protocol when creating corporate audit programs. Additionally, we have the option to set up a recurring pattern for these programs if needed. Moreover, at the top of the audit management screen, there is a handy copy feature that allows us to tailor the setup of program details for different locations and recurring patterns if needed as well.

Keep in mind that the copy audit program functionality should be enabled, and the copy feature will be visible to any user who has "Add Program" Permission.

Your feedback is crucial in ensuring that our systems align perfectly with your team's requirements. So, please take a moment to share your insights and suggestions.

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