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Catch Up on the Cool Ideagen EHS Training Management Solution Updates in 2023!

  • 17 November 2023
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As we wrap up an amazing year, let's look back at the awesome upgrades that made our Training Management System even better! Your thoughts are like our secret sauce—essential for making things even more fantastic.

  1. Merge Employee IDs Easily!

    • Now, it's a breeze to combine info about employees, whether they're active or not. Admins, tell us how this made getting training records smoother!
  2. Assign Training Plans Like a Pro!

    • Pick one or many plans for a session. How's this change making your training management easier? Your insights are gold!
  3. Copy Catalogs for New Locations!

    • No more starting from scratch. Copying course info for new places is a piece of cake now. How has this saved you time and kept things consistent?
  4. See Locations Clearly!

    • Check out the Training Progress Summary with a new location column. How's it helping you keep track of stuff? Share your thoughts!
  5. Easy-Peasy Employee Picklist!

    • A simpler way to manage employees for sessions. Tell us how this new look and feel are working for you!
  6. Smarter Auto-Schedule!

    • Now, you can set up sessions for new folks more flexibly. How's this helping you out with scheduling?

Your journey with us has been incredible, and we want to know what you think! Share your experiences, ideas, or anything else below. Let's keep making our Training Management System awesome!

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