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Which Authenitcation Algorithm is used

  • 20 December 2023
  • 2 replies

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Our corporate office is requesting information that I can not figure out.  This is what they are requesting and a brief description of it.


                which authentication algorithm is used for SC-10.01 (Acceptable Answers: HTTPS/LDAPS/SSH/Kerbros/FTPS/SFTP)?

SC-10.01- This control goes hand in hand with the IA-04.03 how are we securing the session that is being created and passing the information this is more where you are addressing HTTPS, SSH, FTPS, SFTP and so there needs to be an understanding how data is transmitted and how the session is protected.


Any idea how I figure this out for Q-Pulse?


Best answer by Samraj 21 December 2023, 10:15

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2 replies

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Hey, @zkonrad 👋🏽

I’ve spoken with a member of our Support team, and they’ve provided the following information that can help you identify your specific authentication method:

Authentication methods are split into three types:

  • Native Authentication (Q-Pulse Account) [HTTP/HTTPS]
  • Windows Authentication (Active Directory) [LDAP]
  • SSO Authentication (Azure/PingID) [HTTPS]

Your organisation’s Ideagen Quality Management administrator would know the authentication method as they would have configured it.

I hope this helps, and please let us know how you get along by replying to this post 👍🏽

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Nobody here knows anything about it.  I do know that when we set someone up with QPulse, we install it, use our SQL database username and password to connect to the database (same for all users), then the employee just opens Qpulse on their computer and it opens right up.  

Would be nice if we could make it so everyone had their own login.

Based off the info you gave me, I would think it would be Windows Auth [LDAP]