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Tell Us Your Go-To Ideagen Quality Management Tip or Trick!

  • 16 August 2023
  • 2 replies
Tell Us Your Go-To Ideagen Quality Management Tip or Trick!
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Hey, Ideagen Community!

We're reaching out to harness your expertise, so we're curious to know...

What’s your go-to tip or trick?

It might involve a time-saving shortcut, a savvy technique, a personalised tweak, or any nugget of wisdom you think could aid others.

Let's come together to transform this post into a beacon from which we can all potentially maximise our individual platform experiences!

2 replies

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The ability to open closed workflows at will for editing/processing:

I put a “wake-up” date field in every workflow that doesn’t have an expiration function scheduled.  I set this field to editable on the close step and I give administrators permission to edit closed workflows.  I set these workflows to expire on this date to a step of my choice.  It is also important to have your “Workflow action executor” scheduled task set to seconds or minutes.  In order for a workflow to open at will, you have to put the date and time (I typically do 2 minutes in the future to give the system time to refresh) in the field on the close step and save.  In ~2 minutes, the workflow will re-open.

This function is great for reopening workflows that failed to launch all the needed child workflows, opening workflows that you closed while you were waiting for something else (outside the platform) to occur (like receiving the results from a prof test), and opening workflows that don’t have a set frequency when they are needed.  

The biggest downside is that you can’t do this for workflows that already use the expiration feature to function as needed.  You can’t have have 2 expiration rules/criteria.  

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Thanks for sharing this fantastic tip, @Amanda Pontius!

Your solution to open closed workflows for editing/processing is both creative and practical 👏🏽

Your "wake-up" date field and "workflow action executor" scheduled task approach are brilliant workarounds for reopening workflows.

We're looking forward to seeing more valuable insights from you in Ideagen Community ✨