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Report Designer - Explanation of Fields

  • 30 May 2024
  • 4 replies

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I am trying to teach myself how to design reports and messages. I can’t seem to find a resource that explains what each field presents as in the report. For example in the message for Draft Approver Rejected what information is returned for the fields listed?

4 replies

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Good Morning,

Our help portal offers a variety of resources, including the basic or advanced Report Designer courses that may be able to assist in the first instance.

Given the complexity and diverse features of the Report Designer tool, we strongly recommend reaching out directly to our customer success team at They can provide tailored training to help you maximize the software’s capabilities.

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Thank you for the reply. I had looked at those resources and they have examples of everything except for a resource of what information is linked to each field. I understand that alot of them is pretty straight forward but some of them are not. I will reach out to the customer enquiries email you provided. Thank you again. 



The same experience come to me few years ago. Lok for DevExpress Reports on Google and maybe some old manuals from Gael ltd - QPulse orignal brand name. It was PDF version of all modules manual.



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I would second Piotr in that DevExpress manuals are very useful for learning about Q-Pulse reports. 

You could also simply try out the fields that you are unsure of and see what it prints. 

The field list displays icons next to the names that reflect what output you should expect e.g. DateTime, Boolean, string etc. Looking at those might help. 


Indicators for what data output to expect

 Hope this helps. 



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