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Mobile App Release 2.5 notes Lack of detail

  • 23 January 2024
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With the recent Mobile App upgrade to 2.5 the release notes appeared very light on detail but gave the impression that most of the changes were superficial presentation and rebranding to announce the new brand and improve the user experience along with mentioning the below:

Now not being a software or network security specialist this appears to lack detail around when implemented you will no longer be able to support android devices using third party remote sharing such as MS Teams, TeamViewer or other apps of it’s ilk, nor will android phones be able to take screenshots of the app so if you were intending on making a user guide for your users best you do it on iOS and hope that the android experience is identical because - well users are users.

So Ideagen, can you please tell me how we can now remotely support the portion of our user community using android phones? I’m hoping someone here can help because raising a service ticket keeps pointing me back to the wonderfully light on detail release notes as per the below link:

Or is there somewhere else that this information is provided in more detail to be helpful to know what fundamental changes will be implemented and what you can do to work around, opt out, or hold off accepting the release until alternative support mechanisms are put in place? 


Best answer by Paul Callaghan 24 January 2024, 12:24

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Hi @Risky Business, I am the Senior Product Manager for IQM (formerly Q-Pulse) and I thank you for your post and bringing this behaviour to our attention.

For some background, IQM 2.5.0 introduced a privacy screen feature for both iOS and Android. The IQM app processes potentially sensitive information, and implementing a shield when the app is backgrounded guards against unwittingly showing data when switching between apps in the task manager. This brought it in line with common practice for apps handlings sensitive information (such as banking and medical apps) as well as many of our other Ideagen products; however as a consequence of this, in Android, is that intentional screen sharing was also disabled. We’ve recently recognised this feedback emerging from our users and are actively working to remedy in our next minor update (2.5.1) which we are targeting for end of Feb/March.

I also take onboard your point in the depth of detail on release notes; the major changes in the 2.5.0 was the overhaul in UI with no intended deeper functional impact other than the headline changes listed (SSO etc.), and we therefore deemed the level of info as appropriate for the release. This unintended consequence of privacy screen behaviour was unknown, at the time otherwise we would have documented (or more likely removed before release) but we will continue to review and improve our level of detail provided.

Thanks again for your feedback and please keep an eye on Ideagen Help for roadmap and release updates.