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Link document to another one

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi, is there a way to link two or more different documents to each other? Basically, if one document is changed, systematically review the possible impact on the other document(s) .  I’m aware of the Related documents section on the properties, but, even though there were documents in that section, I still was able to revise any document without reviewing the related documents.


Best answer by Sam Jackson 26 October 2023, 09:37

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Hi Martin,

The way we’ve tackled this in the past is by utilising the Draft Approved feature within the Document Module. The Draft Approved register lets you perform actions on documents after it has been approved but before it has been activated. Typical actions might include checking materials, performing training and in your case could be to review related document(s) prior to activation.

What’s also handy is that this register is optional so you wouldn’t have to use it for all your document types, instead you can mix and match based on your preferences.

To set this up follow the below instructions (admin permissions required):

  1. Open the Documents module.
  2. From the [Edit] menu, select [Approval Templates].
  3. Click [New], then [Approval Template...]
    • If you want to create a new template but copy the actions from another template, select this template, then click [New], then [Template Based on Selected].
  4. Enter the title of the template. You can also add a description.

You must assign at least one Document Type to your template, otherwise it will never be used. To do this:

  1. Click the icon to open the Assign Document Type screen.
  2. From the list on the right, select all the Document Types you would like to assign to your template (you can select multiple Types by holding down the [CTRL] or [SHIFT] buttons on your keyboard)
  3. Click the [<] button to move the names into the Assigned Document Type area.
  4. Click [OK] to save.

You can then assign default actions to documents, which will be performed after the document has been approved but before it has been made active (documents with this status can be found in the Draft Approved register). The actions you add will then be applied to any new or revised draft / draft approved documents relating to the type specified above.

  1. Once you have added at least one Document Type to the template, tick the "Draft documents using this template should have…." box in the Actions section.
  2. You must add the person who has responsibility for completing the action into the Owner field.
  3. You can assign a target date for completing the action by clicking the Target Date field and choosing the number of days (after the document entered draft approved).
  4. In the Details, provide all the instructions for the Document Owner to complete the tasks.
  5. Click [OK] to save.

I hope this helps,