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Document module Group Editing

  • 24 April 2024
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We love all the functionality the IQM document module has to offer, and we utilize all of it.  We have large projects that include hundreds of data records which are linked by using related documents. There are times where new metadata will be added, we do often use a placeholder if we anticipate an addition. If there was a group edit function for Properties, it would prevent us to open each record’s properties to add this new metadata.  

We also share data with our suppliers and customers using Ideagen Huddle, the data in Huddle is hyperlinked to IQM so if there is a change our supplier/customer has the current revision. To notify them of the revision change we add them to the Notify Only in Distribution. Here again it can be hundreds of data records, so a group edit for the Distribution function would be very valuable to us.

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