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Cracking the Code: Januarys IQM Pro Tip - Archiving Customer and Supplier Records

  • 2 January 2024
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What better way to commence the new year than by embracing a brand-new IQM Pro Tip, ushering in a wave of fresh insights and possibilities!

In this months edition we’ll be answering the age old question - Is it possible to archive customers and suppliers, because I can’t find a button for it!?

If that sounds like something that’s been keeping you up at night, I’m delighted to share that it is in fact possible to archive a Customer or Supplier record within the system. Keep reading below to find out just how you can do this…

If you have been using IQM Pro for a long time, you likely have many Supplier and Customer Records in those modules. It is possible there are some that you are no longer affiliated with, yet they still appear in your Module List View. Rather than deleting them and losing all of the valuable data, you can actually just archive them and even reinstate them again in the future.

  1. In the Administration Console, under Managed Lists, select Customer/Supplier Name


  2. Select the name of the customer/supplier you would like to archive and select Archive


It’s that simple! The archived item will appear greyed out and in italics and will no longer be visible. However, if you ever need it again, it is available. Just perform the reverse function to reinstate the Customer or Supplier and it will be available in the Q Pulse Module again.


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