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Introducing our new Ideagen Coruson forums! 🎉

Introducing our new Ideagen Coruson forums! 🎉
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The Ideagen community team is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our forums: Ideagen Coruson! This new forum is designed to foster engaging discussions among our aviation industry customers. We eagerly anticipate the vibrant conversations and knowledge sharing that will take place here.

In addition to this, you can also expect the following:

  • Product updates: Keep informed about the latest updates and new features coming to the solution.
  • Announcements: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates on upcoming events, webinars, and courses.
  • Industry discussions: Ask questions, share best practices, and learn from each other's experiences.
  • Providing feedback: Help us shape the future of Ideagen Coruson by sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

Our hope is that this forum becomes a collaborative space where we can all come together, learn from each other, and grow as a community. Join us and be part of the exciting journey with Ideagen Coruson!

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